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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

At The Parsonage – Preparing for Christmas Part I

December 23rd, 2017 by Aubri

2017-12-08 14.02.38

I love our tradition of receiving a tree from a family in our former parish who own a tree farm. Our first couple years of marriage Phil would sneak out to a ditch off the road and cut one down while I stood watch. Fun times. We were rescued from the adventurous Bonny and Clyde life by this kind man who has gifted us with a tree since then.

2017-12-08 14.05.40

We got a fatty this year!

2017-12-08 14.06.21

And after it went up I chuckled being reminded of one of the Christmas books we got this year, Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree.  Such a cute story. “Something must go!”

Though our tree has been up for a couple weeks we have held off on decorating it and the house for Christmas. The babies have put this and that on it as they have seen fit but we will not officially hang our ornaments until this weekend. I do like to begin adding touches of Christmas to the house the week before Christmas begins though. So off I go.

I brought out the Nativity sets finally. Ephraim made a centerpiece for the kitchen table.

2017-12-19 12.27.43

2017-12-19 12.27.39

2017-12-19 12.13.14

2017-12-19 11.46.34

And one for Josephine to play with.

2017-12-21 10.13.59

Our stockings are hung. This year I put the same stocking I had up last Christmas for Ebenezer. The babies asked why since he was in Heaven. I told them it was to remember him since he is still part of our family. They liked that.

2017-12-20 10.31.01

I do feel like I put less and less Christmas decorations out each year though. I’m not sure why that is. “Less is more” as they say I guess and less is less work too. Just a few favorite things.

2017-12-20 10.30.43

2017-12-21 10.14.47

2017-12-22 13.29.50

2017-12-19 14.44.58

Earlier this week the weather was nice and warm in the 50s. I knew colder days were on their way so I got out and did up the porch before it hit.

2017-12-19 14.45.29

I even put lights out this year for the first time! Now if I can just remember to get them plugged in.

2017-12-19 14.45.21

 Ooo! Look! This pillow matches the cushions perfectly!


2 Responses to “At The Parsonage – Preparing for Christmas Part I”

  1. Kristi says:

    Your home is beautiful, Aubri. And I don’t just mean the decorations (although I love how the camel is atop the stable). Your children are loved, and they are learning the true reason for Christmas!

  2. Aubri says:

    Thank you Kristi. It’s far too easy for me to only see the shortcomings instead of the true blessings. (( <3 ))
    (Camels be crazy. How he’s gonna get down no one knows.)