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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

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Train Up A Child – Assessment Testing

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

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April brought Standardized Testing to our school. A first for Lily being in 3rd grade now. I’m sure most of us have strong opinions when it comes to standardized tests, their benefits and their drawbacks. I see both. I’ve never liked the pressure that seems to come with these tests. The excitement induced by teachers around these tests seems to only stress some kids out. Lily is one of these kids. She was so nervous about taking these exams.


Of Hearth and Home – Goals

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

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I decided to get crazy and make a more detailed schedule for the day and really try to follow it exactly-ish. So in those “in between fires moments” I can look at my schedule and know what I’m supposed to be doing without thinking about it.

It’s not too much different from what I’ve always had. We have had a daily routine, same things at the same times, for years, but now I’m adding more details to that schedule.

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I want to keep my babies better on track with discipline, chores, individual reading, reading aloud to together, piano practice, memory work. I want to keep making our Bible time the first part of our day, it must be a daily habit.

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With so many children and so much housework I get overwhelmed quickly and the days can slip by easily without making the point of adding something I want to pass on to my babies.

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I had to sit down with all the THINGS I want in our life. The things I want to dedicate time to. I had to fit them into our days and evenings. It helps me feel less frantic when I know I have a designated time for ‘X’ and the ‘Y’ that I’m doing right now is the proper use of my time.

Here’s the list I came up with so far.

“Goals” for our family

For Our Faith:
Catechesis (memorization)
Bible lessons
Scripture Memorization
Hymn singing and memorization
Prayer memorization
Getting familiar with chant using the Psalter
Continue keeping our church year in the home
Obedience and Honor of Parents and other Authorities

For Our Minds:
Reading or Read Aloud
Good Poetry
Recitation Memory work
Supplemental Education – Ancient-Early Modern History and Literature
Good vocabulary

For Our Hands:
Piano/Music Lessons and practice

For Our Spirits:
Family Game or Movie Nights
Free Play Time
Limit my time on Facebook – FB is fun but many times I let it suck away my time and sometimes it can really make my blood pressure hit the roof.

For Our Neighbor:
Practice Manners
House Jobs
Tidy Times during the day

For Our Bodies:
Exercise – ride bikes, go for walks, dance parties!
Rest – Blanket Time during the week for the littles

That’s not asking too much is it? Now how to designate time for each of these?



How Do I Love Thee

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

2016-10-31 13.07.43

It’s just a fact. As I’ve said before, with more people in a family, there is more love.

2016-10-31 13.07.48


Holding Forth the Word of Life

Friday, October 24th, 2014


Since Lily is 6 and has learned how to read I thought it a great time to further introduce her to Luther’s Small Catechism by getting her her very own beginners version. And what better time to gift it to her than on Reformation Sunday? I told her she’ll be getting a special surprise on that day and she’s so excited and yes, she knows it’s a BOOK. No delusions of a Katie Luther Barbie doll there so don’t worry!

Phil has made it a priority to teach the babies from our Catechism at an early age. We are currently working on the Ten Commandments and what they mean.

And their learning it greatly benefits me too. The Christian shouldn’t put the catechism aside after Confirmation. God’s Word and the teachings of our faith need to be something we continually put before us; hear, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest on a regular basis all our life. And to be honest that’s really hard most of the time isn’t it? Another reason this tired, busy, lazy, sinful mama is thankful for a church where I hear (even if it’s just in snippets) what I need to each week! And why I’m glad Phil recites the catechism with our babies so I can learn along with them.

I like what Martin Luther writes:

“I am often aware of temptation, and even today I cannot guard and cross myself against it too carefully. I confess this freely as an example to anyone; for here am I, an old doctor of theology and a preacher, and certainly as competent in Scripture as such smart alecks. At least I ought to be. Yet even I must become a child; and early each day I recite aloud whatever lovely psalms and verses I may choose, just as we teach and train children to do. Besides, I must seal with Scripture and fight with the devil every day. I dare not say in my heart, “The Lord’s Prayer is worn out; you know the Ten Commandments; you can recite the Creed.” I study daily and remain a pupil of the Catechism. I feel too, that this helps me a lot, and I am convinced by experience that God’s Word can never be entirely mastered, but that Psalm 147 speaks truly, “His understanding is beyond measure.”

Kelly at Fearfully and Wonderfully Made has started a series on her blog on learning the Large Catechism. I thought that was a great idea for her to commit to as a big grown up lady and a child of God. Reading through the Large Catechism has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Another resource I’d recommend that breaks down readings into daily small amounts is The Lord Will Answer A Daily Prayer Catechism.

The devil, our own flesh, our busy lives, our godless culture are always pulling us away from where God’s Word is taught and preached and tempting us with false doctrine. May God help us to always remain pupils of His Word.