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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2014


This week my 5 favorites are these wonderfully “Pro-Life” posts. Read them!


The Third Secret to Destruction Proofing Your Family “You might even say that my mind tottered to think that I, a bride of 19, could certainly end up with a couple of dozen children! To say I was scared would be to vastly understate the nature of my panic, which was rather comprehensive. Yet, 34 years later, here I am with merely seven children, and what forethought could not encompass, experience has. So allow me to try to sum it all up in the form of my third secret to destruction-proofing your family. Husband and wife, embrace your mission as the king and queen of your little kingdom, your family — and enjoy, when you want to, what we may quaintly and not without relief from the pressure of modern unconstraint refer to as the marital embrace —  simply accepting the children God sends you as the gift that they are.”


The Real Life of the Pro-Life Home “Far from having done our part when we carry a baby to term, we can continue to choose life every day. Every day we choose the life of another over our own life. Every day we can lay down our desires, our selfish ambition, our self-importance, and choose life. And of course this is not unique to mothers — every Christian has the means of fighting for life by laying theirs down for those around them.” Motherhood is the big-leagues of self-sacrifice. Millions of women kill to avoid it. In our culture of self-gratification, to embrace selfless motherhood is a revolutionary act. To see the sacrifice and rejoice in it. To recognize that the cost is your own life, and to willingly lay yourself down. The world hates the smell of that sacrifice, because it is the smell of grace. They hate it because it is the smell of something living and burning at the same time — something that is impossible without a risen Savior.”


Gift Language “That’s why you, Church, are afraid to talk to me. The world has given you faulty language that fails to deliver truth, comfort, or babies. Give me God’s “gift language” every time. Remind me that children are a heritage from the Lord, a gift from Him that is received. And when I get mad that God has not yet given me the gift of children, keep watch with me in my grief and use some more of God’s “gift language.”


The Fruit of the Womb is a Reward “Consumerism and feminism combine to make man, male and female, into God.  Children are regarded as commodities that may not be worth the price.  A woman is taught that she can by her own choosing obtain a status greater than what God gives her in motherhood.  Motherhood is denigrated because it becomes a merely human activity.  Severed from its source of dignity in God, it is cheapened. If children are a blessing from God as the Bible says they are, the bearing of children is an honor God bestows.  If the fruitful womb is a reward from God, the conceiving, bearing, and nurturing of children is something to be desired, extolled, protected, and enshrined in custom, law, and expressions of piety.  It is from this Christian perspective that we must examine feminism and its claims.”


A Good Kind of Crazy “Motherhood has certainly shown me more of the bad and ugly parts of myself than I ever would have wanted, but if I really sit and think about it, I can see that God is doing just as much good in me precisely through this vocation, even though most days I cannot see it. Yes, being a mother and having 3 close in age does drive me crazy most days, but it is the best kind of crazy.”




Five Favorites

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


Joining MoxieWife for my week’s Five Favorites. I’ve come across some wonderful posts and articles lately so this week I have a link share for you.


1. A post about “Having it all” from THIS New York Times article. Having it all may just come in the little moments of life like these.

“It might be a fleeting moment — drinking a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning when the light is especially bright. It might also be a few undisturbed hours with a novel I’m in love with, a three-hour lunch with my best friend, reading “Goodnight Moon” to a child, watching a Nadal-Federer match. Having it all definitely involves an ability to seize the moment, especially when it comes to sports. It can be eating in bed when you’re living on your own for the first time or the first weeks of a new job when everything is new, uncertain and a bit scary. It’s when all your senses are engaged. It’s when you feel at peace with someone you love. And that isn’t often. Loving someone and being at peace with him (or her) are two different things. Having it all are moments in life when you suspend judgment. It’s when I attain that elusive thing called peace of mind.

Which is why I love bakeries. Peace descends the second I enter, the second I smell the intoxicating aroma of fresh bread, see apricot cookies with scalloped edges, chocolate dreams, cinnamon and raisin concoctions, flights of a baker’s imagination, and I know I am the luckiest person in the world. At that moment, in spite of statistical proof that this is not possible, I have it all. And not only that, I can have more.”


Five Favorites

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Joining Camp Patton for this week’s favorites.

I came across some really good posts this week so I had to share them, added are great quotes from each:


1. Hard Times, Pretty Pictures: “I post beauty, even when life is ugly.  For me, it’s the only way. Blogs have a way of deceiving, but that’s only if you choose to read them that way.  It’s a choice.  You can read that I stopped for cherries, and make all sorts of assumptions, or you can simply be reminded that we all have our good moments–you and me.” Ginny


2.  Does It Get Easier? : “You are in a season of sowing seeds.  Accept that the fruit comes later.” Amy


3. Courage In the Ordinary: “But I’ve come to the point where I’m not sure anymore just what God counts as radical. And I suspect that for me, getting up and doing the dishes when I’m short on sleep and patience is far more costly and necessitates more of a revolution in my heart than some of the more outwardly risky ways I’ve lived in the past. And so this is what I need now: the courage to face an ordinary day” AND “But for those of us — and there are a lot of us — who are drawn to an edgy, sizzling spirituality, we need to embrace radical ordinariness and to be grounded in the challenge of the stable mundaneness of the well-lived Christian life.” Tish

4. My 4th favorite thing this week is this drawing Clara did at school. I love that Ephraim looks like he’s sitting on the floor peeking out from behind me. And I’m glad Lily didn’t notice that she doesn’t have legs. She was very upset the last time Clara drew her without HAIR.



5. If you have a picky eater you’ll know why I’m thrilled to add this 5th favorite. Last night Lily tried roasted potatoes for supper…and LIKED THEM. She’s a big lover of french fries of course but has never attempted potatoes in any other form. I did let her dip them in Ketchup, but ain’t no shame in that! She was pretty proud of herself…I was too.



Five Favorites

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Linking up  my 5 Favorite things with Hallie at Moxie Wife.


Tiny Vestments

I saw THESE tiny vestments  a while back and really wanted a set for my liturgical table. I knew it was probably something my  mother-in-law could make. And she did! She brought them to me last week. They’re perfect.