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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

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Of Hearth and Home – Keeping House

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

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We saw pretty early on the importance of having our babies help clean house.  It’s not only helpful for me and for one another, but teaching my babies to clean up is providing them with some pretty valuable life skills. It’s a lot of work to take care of a home and a family. I want them to know they are a part of that good work.


Organizing Or Agonizing – The Mudroom

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


It’s been a slow process of settling into our new home. Having a baby right after you move doesn’t lend itself to getting much done right away but we’re getting there. I LOVE having a mudroom! This is the large space  off the kitchen and garage that we were able to use for Grocery staples, all our seasonal wear like jackets, winter wear, swim wear, swim towels, umbrellas, shoes, backpacks, our washer and dryer, a utility sink and this massive and strange closet.


Clearing For Advent

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014


I found a lovely post from Ginny about how she prepared for Advent. It was exactly the thoughts going through my mind this week while I’ve been thinking about preparing for Christmas. Just planning for my preparation got me off the couch and in the closets clearing out things we don’t need and I realized that it’s really Advent that I want to prepare for.

I love Christmas, love it. But Advent is becoming what I might just go ahead and call…my favorite.

It’s a season that gets so busy and stuffed with all the Christmas anyone can handle. It gets cluttered quickly and really it’s the season when I just want to rest the most. When I just want to sit quietly and think and soak it all in. And that is hard. Especially in a house full of noise, stuff and mess.Then Christmas comes and I feel so tired and find again another season to sit and soak but I’m ragged. Worn out with a long list of fun to be had.

Here is what Ginny writes:

“The past month or so left me feeling like the walls were caving in.  I couldn’t focus my attention and the cards seemed to be falling far too quickly for me to catch them.  And then, coming quickly, a season that I seek to make peaceful and meaningful for my children:  Advent.  How could I possibly hold everything up with the addition of traditions and celebrations not part of our typical everyday life?

“My mission this past week has been to remove distraction.  I am highly visual, so I made the very practical move of boxing up most of what was cluttering surfaces in my home.  Rather than restack books and papers, rather than put the toys away on the shelf, I boxed them up.  I cleared the top of the piano, the surface of my craft desk, our fireplace mantel, and so on.  The clutter was distracting me.  Every where I looked, I would see work to be done.  I want to feel free to sit down and read a book to my kids, to do a craft with my girls, to celebrate, to focus on Advent and Christmas.  I don’t want to worry about the state of my house. “

Clutter distracts me too in a very bad way. The work undone makes me cranky. There will still be distractions, clutter, mess and noise but I’m going to do my best to get rid of some of it for a season. Hide it away from myself and hope to be able to sit a bit more, rest and soak. I can also make the mistake of cluttering my mind with things I want to do for the babies. I’m going to try to tame that beast as well this year, picking a few favorites and musts to add into our Advent and Christmas.

And I hope to use most of December to prepare some freezer meals for Christmas. Adding yet another meal to be cooked while I’m already stumbling over the meals for each day will be hard, but the goal of more rest during Christmas will maybe give me the boost I need.




Re: Comment on I Miss The Village Post

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014


I wrote the other day a post titled “I Miss The Village.” The Village that once gave women social contact, real physical help with the working life of the home and children, where wisdom could be passed down from seasoned mothers to new mothers, traditions handed to the young etc. And I mentioned how communities are not as helpful as they once were at building community especially for moms who stay home full time and how many women now don’t stay home during the day.

Fafa contributed this comment:

“Have you ever thought there are lonely women out there watching you, wishing they could be brave enough to stay at home and have the treasured time you have with your children. Maybe God is using your joy in your motherhood to touch other mothers’ lives.”

It of course got me thinking about a lot of things, motherhood, Vocation, the roles of women, modern and traditional…things.

I am very thankful that I can stay home and that I want to stay home. I do hope I could be encouraging to another mom who would like to stay home with her children. It would be very difficult to be in a situation where you wanted to stay home but could not. I can only imagine how hard it is for women to have to go back to work after a new baby or have find affordable and suitable childcare while they are at work. I’m grateful to be here for my babies and to have my babies under my wing all day.

This “stay at home mother” vs. “working mother” issue is a topic I avoid since it can ruffle a lot of feathers. I don’t want to be misunderstood to be making the argument that all women should stay home with their children instead of working a 9-5. That’s up to each family. That depends on many circumstances and is a matter of priorities and particular strains a family might be facing. I merely meant to muse on an issue that often crosses my mind.

There are those very happy mothers who are content right where they are. Content to stay home full time, content to work full time or part of the time away from home. But for all mothers there is always a tension that exists regardless of our choice. Even if we’re certain that what we’re doing is the best choice for our family, we all struggle with our flesh and our cultural influences. And with our many choices come various benefits and disadvantages.

This topic is an ongoing study for my mind. I just came across a couple links today related to this topic if you’re interested. There are tons more out there. *note may not a complete reflection of my own opinions:

Constraint and Consent; Career and Motherhood
Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

Thanks to the ladies who commented on that post! You all have put a burr in my saddle and made me think….and that can be berry dangerous. 🙂