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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

2nd Day of Christmas

January 11th, 2019 by Aubri

2018-12-26 12.46.02

The Feast of St. Stephen. Today we rested. It was rainy and cold, perfect for doing nothing. Lily, Esther and I watched the 1984 GC Scott version of The Christmas Carol . This is the one I remember watching on TV as a girl so it’s my favorite.

2018-12-26 17.03.52

I’m telling y’all. Christmasing is exhausting. Ask Mercy.

2018-12-26 17.04.00

2018-12-26 17.04.10

2018-12-26 17.40.05

After a whole lot of nothing we loaded up in the van and went to find who still had on their Christmas lights. We didn’t do as much driving this year as last but we did make it to this crazy street!

2018-12-26 17.40.54

2 Responses to “2nd Day of Christmas”

  1. grandmere says:

    I love the extra visitors to the nativity scene! I’m glad y’all were able to find such a wonderful light display- especially after Christmas Day!

  2. Aubri says:

    Even pangolins love baby Jesus! 😀