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Too Many Pumpkins

October 18th, 2018 by Aubri

2018-10-11 18.18.06
And by “too many” I mean how is that even possible?

Phil took the babies down to the pumpkin patch last week to pick out “a few” pumpkins for Mama to put on the porch. I was hoping he’d get at least a couple and one big enough to make a good JackOLantern with for Halloween. Well, he did not disappoint!

We have never had this many and this LARGE of pumpkins before. I was thrilled and had a lot of laughs watching the babies manage to get these from the van to the porch.

2018-10-11 18.18.42

2018-10-11 18.18.31

2018-10-11 18.18.26

2018-10-11 18.22.19

2018-10-11 18.23.13

2018-10-11 18.23.23

2018-10-11 18.23.46

These were so big they even took over our living room for a few days:

2018-10-16 19.10.17

Well, really they had to come inside due to a hard freeze this week. I was not about to let these bad boys turn to mushier mush inside! They’re back outside now and looking quite lovely.

One Response to “Too Many Pumpkins”

  1. Carrie H says:

    They are so pretty. Do you cook the pumpkin seeds?