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"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

Summer Vacation – Carlsbad Caverns

September 7th, 2018 by Aubri

2018-08-03 11.13.05

On August 3rd we left Texas and drove into to New Mexico. And if you’re driving through Southern New Mexico you might as well pull over and check out the Carlsbad Caverns. I had my concerns about it sure but on this side the adventure, I have to say I’m glad we did it!

We made the decision not to take the elevator ride down into the cave but to experience the hike down into it. The whole entire thing. The 1.25 mile or 75 story descent. An hour and half walk down down down into the cavern.

2018-08-03 09.21.53
Me: Oh this is a nice amphitheater. Wait. We’re going down into that hole back there?

2018-08-03 09.24.36

Yes. Yes we are.

2018-08-03 09.40.54

And when I say “down” I mean “DOWN y’all. Thigh Screaming No End To This Down kind of down. I did a lot of praying.

2018-08-03 09.28.35

2018-08-03 11.35.35

And when we finally made it to the bottom of this thing…it was beautiful. It was here I could finally stop wondering who would plunge over a railing first and enjoy the amazing beauty of rock.

2018-08-03 11.38.09 (1)

Well, I still worried about who would plunge over a railing, but it was at least flatter here.

2018-08-03 11.32.21

2018-08-03 11.26.14

2018-08-03 11.16.17

And you know it really did feel like a great accomplishment to have trekked this path into the depths. But I admit, I was really looking forward to the luxurious elevator ride back up to the top. I’m just so so glad I did NOT read this article before we did.

Happy hiking to you all!


4 Responses to “Summer Vacation – Carlsbad Caverns”

  1. Jody S. says:

    I used to work in a cavern, and I so totally understand. Also, incidentally, I was stuck in a broken elevator (in a hotel, not a cavern). However, I do not understand how you’re able to turn out these blog posts; I am so behind on recording our summer adventures– to the point of wondering if I’ll ever get it done.

  2. Aubri says:

    One of my fears…being stuck in an elevator….especially with 8 kids! Boo. I’m frankly amazed I’ve been able to get this posts up too! :) I’ve considered just giving up several times but I’m determined now to get them done. Keeping the laptop on the kitchen counter has helped. I can type a bit and add a pic here and there while I cook supper. :-D

  3. grandmere says:

    Such fun adventures y’all enjoyed! I’m glad y’all decided to ride the elevator back up, and having been stuck in an elevator once, I’m glad y’all didn’t have to experience that! :-)

  4. Carrie H says:

    Don’t give up, Aubri! I love reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of your family.