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Summer Vacation – Corpus Christi Day 3

August 28th, 2018 by Aubri

2018-07-24 10.47.33

On day 3 clouds rolled in. This sadly however did not bring cooler temperatures with it. We decided to have a brand new experience as a family and take a ferry over to Port Aransas. We waited in a line of cars for an hour, parked on the ferry, unloaded for the 2 minute ferry ride then scrambled to get back into the van. It was a blast!

2018-07-24 11.05.10

2018-07-24 11.25.35

We strolled around Port A with nothing in particular in mind to do except enjoy the day. We came across a lovely park with a really cool playground. Playgrounds would become a theme, our Go To fun spots this week.

2018-07-24 11.25.42

2018-07-24 11.33.36

2018-07-24 11.34.12

2018-07-24 11.45.51

2018-07-24 13.26.28

Back in Corpus, lunch at Whataburger was a must. This is one of Phil most favoritest restaurants for a fast food burger. Founded in Corpus Christi it’s a Texas classic, an icon you might argue. I’ve never been into a Whataburger of this scale, it was another first for our family.

2018-07-24 18.28.16

The week we spent in Corpus turned out to be Shark Week. This evening Phil took the 6 Bigs to a free public Shark Week event. I was tired out and happy to stay home with the 2 Babies. We vegged out in front of PBS.

2018-07-24 18.09.10

2018-07-24 18.51.29

2018-07-24 18.51.34

2018-07-24 19.13.40

2018-07-24 19.15.31

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  1. grandmere says:

    Love reading about y’all adventures in Corpus, and the pics are great!