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Baby Gifts

February 18th, 2016 by Aubri


My sweet friend Carrie recently emailed me with this question:

Suppose I know a couple who is expecting their 8th baby, a precious baby girl. Suppose this couple already has 5 baby girls. I know from experience of 3 boys that some baby items could be replaced after being used so many times already. I also know there are always new fun baby items that someone may want. Do you have any suggestions on what we can get this couple?

Boy she stirred a pot! I started a response to her with a few ideas, then added a few more. My list became longer than I thought it would be. Then it occurred to me.

Really, after 5 babies a Mama should just get another Baby Shower. By this point, it’s a good time for a “Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!” Or at least a good time to donate your gently used for some brand new.

Because I had fun with this I turned to a Facebook group I’m in with many other mamas who have lots of children. I posed a similar question to them and enjoyed reading their responses.

So, if one were wanting to get something for an 8th baby (or a 4th, 6th or 11th baby) here are some suggestions for you!

Also for the record. It’s true, babies don’t really need much and it’s a good habit to live with less. But here are some things to consider:

A. There are items that after 4 or 5 or more children have used do tend to wear out.
B. Babies are born in different seasons, perhaps from any of their siblings.
C. There might be something the Mama did fine without for 6 babies but wanted and now she feels it’s time to treat herself to it…or let someone else treat her to it!
D. Every baby needs to be celebrated. (And sure, you don’t need stuff for that.)

Ok, now the stuff list I came up with.

1. A few new outfits cuz, see A and B above. Also in bigger sizes for when this baby grows!
2. A new diaper bag. Again, see A.
3. A few new bibs and burp cloths.
4. Diapers and wipes!
5. And if they cloth diaper maybe some new ones for their tired old stash.
6. I go back and forth on baby toys but I was glad to get a few new ones when Martha was born.
7. A new blanket. Each of my babies have their own fuzzy blankie they sleep with. My mom or aunt get a new one for each baby. So nice. See D.
8. Swaddling blankies like these. See D again.
9. New pacifiers.

And a few other things. These are the bigger items you usually get with your first baby but by the 8th might need replacing.



10. A new high chair. Mercy burned a hole in the tray of the one we had. No one should be surprised by that.
11. A bouncer. We’ve had several and one is still going strong. The others have gotten bent…big kids like bouncers too you should know.
12. A bumbo. This might be a C kind of item or an A. Mine is pretty A, grubby that won’t come clean but still very much in use!
13. A baby carrier. After Mercy was born we finally splurged and got a really nice carrier. I’d survived alright without it, but it has been a great help!


Now a list I put together based on my Facebook responses. In no particular order.


1. Carseat. I’ve added this to my list too. That whole “expire” thing that “THEY” put on carseats is ridiculous but we were told after Martha’s birth by a nurse that she had to inform us that it was not safe to take our baby home in the 7 year old one we had. Thankfully there was no hassling.
2. Stroller.
3. A new ring-sling.
4. A triple-bunk bed.
5. A bigger refrigerator.
6. A high-capacity washer/dryer.
7. Laundry soap.
8. Grocery delivery service.
9. Pay for a month of Netflix.
10. Coffee creamer and a friend to share it with.
11. A new swing.
12 A membership to Amazon Prime because that two day delivery is amazing the first few months.
13.Velcro shoes for the next couple smallest kids.
14. A gift card to a place that sells good nursing bras.
15. A tablet or e-reader if she doesn’t have one (with a $10 gift card loaded on for apps).
16. Taking younger kids for an hour or two so they can make noise and play without waking sleeping mommy and baby.
17. A stash of paper products, plates, bowls, napkins – no guilt/no expense easier life for a few days.
18. Season-appropriate baby pajamas.
19. Baby shampoo from Honest Co.
20. New crib sheets.
21. New baby socks.
22. Gift cards to Walmart.
23. Gift cards to Amazon.
24. A pack n play.

Well there you have it. Ideas for gifts for an 8th baby from Mamas who’ve been there done that several times.

Ok, since I mentioned it to my Mama and she thought it was a good idea, I made a Target Baby Registry. Fun! It’s been a long time since I did that! 😀

Anything to add to this list? I’d love to hear any of your ideas!

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Image 2, Grandparents Visit Theodore Gerard
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11 Responses to “Baby Gifts”

  1. Jody S. says:

    Another bedroom. Or two.

    But seriously, after number 7, it was just nice that a couple of people gave a gift–to celebrate. I had 4 baby showers with our first. At this point in the ball game, cards from people make me feel special, like this baby is special, too.

    Mostly “amen” to all things listed. Plus meals for the family.

  2. Aubri says:

    Ha ha! Yes a bigger house…wait and then someone else to clean the extra space. 🙂

    Isn’t that true? I’m always grateful that there are some that rejoice with us after each new baby.

    Meals. Definitely. Someone asked on FB how the church can promote family and support those having babies. One of my answers was FOOD! Meals are such a great gift. EVEN if there is family in town to help out with during the new baby early weeks!

  3. grandmere says:

    Lots of good suggestions here; a baby shower would be really nice for baby #8!

  4. Carrie H says:

    This is WONDERFUL! I really enjoyed reading it and got lots of great ideas, thanks. Now to make up my mind 🙂

  5. Kristi says:

    Yes, yes, yes!! I haven’t been blessed with more than 3 children, but I have always felt that each baby, along with Mama, deserves a shower. All children, no matter the pecking order, should be celebrated!

    Remind me again…. When are you due? When do you get to move into the parsonage?

  6. Aubri says:

    Indeed Kristi! My due date is May 24th so I’m just saying “end of May.” Totally registered at Target for this baby and it was fun! 🙂 While I’m at it I might go ahead and make a Wedding Registry too! 😀

    And I’m sooo excited about getting into our parsonage. It’s coming along, it’s “due date” is “end of March!” So we really hope to move early April.

  7. When I was co-coordinator for our church choir, the other coordinator and I threw a baby shower for every new baby in the choir.

    A few people were really startled when we did it for second + babies but we tried to tailor it to the family:

    second baby, same time of year, and same gender = toddler bed and bedding (group gift) + diapers or diapers + food (and of course something for older sibling) (depending on what they asked for)

    second baby, different time of year or different gender = clothes + diapers (we did get other things if they asked for them)

    3rd + we’d always ask what they needed and if the answer was “nothing” it was always food + diapers.

    People usually ended up bringing a new outfit or two and a few toys. Usually because those are the fun things to shop for.

    I remember how grateful I was even for frozen pizza and breadsticks that people brought for us to put in our freezer. Heck – I still am grateful for frozen pizza! 🙂

    I did have one grandparent call me up and chew me out because “Showers are only given for first babies because then they have “everything””. Rather ironically, that family was on baby #4 and Mom cried because most things had had it with three little boys and she was wondering how they would have everything they needed!

    Sorry – this is a book! Totally didn’t mean for it to get that long!
    Great list Aubri! And thanks for sharing.

    And how exciting that you should be in the parsonage before the new baby comes. Such a blessing!

  8. Aubri says:

    That is so great Lea! Custom showers for each baby, nice. And totally love having pizzas in the freezer. That’s always the meal I think of first when considering a meal for a family. Along with a bunch of paper plates.

  9. Kaethe says:

    Aubri, I don’t think we’ve met in real life, but I feel like I know you–as a fellow LCMS Sister in Christ! We were blessed last year with Babies #5 and #6 for our family only a few months after we had moved to a new state. Our new church family was extremely generous to us and organized a meal schedule so we had meals dropped off three times a week for the first two months. Wonderful! One family claimed they weren’t good enough cooks to prep a dinner so they delivered muffins for breakfast, really good coffee for us parents, and several packages of snacks for the older kids to pack in their lunches over the next week or so. It was great! I also really like “nursing necklaces” or “teething necklaces” for baby gifts so the mom has something new and pretty to wear that is also practical. They have great prices on them now through Amazon.

  10. Paper plates! Didn’t even think of that – DUH!!! And sorry for the super long comment – I *really* didn’t think it was that long!


  11. Aubri says:

    Hi Kaethe! Breakfast is such a GREAT idea! That is the hardest meal for me, easier now that my kids are starting to eat cereal, but to have someone else take care of it especially if you’ve been up with baby all night?! Oh so good. Also, I’m a big fan of teething jewelry and actually was going to get that for a new friend of mine who just had her 3rd baby! Funny you mentioned it. I was eyeing a black teething bangle for myself recently. 🙂

    Lea, I never have a problem with long comments! Happy to have yours! 😀