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Organizing or Agonizing – Pantry

July 13th, 2018 by Aubri

2018-05-09 15.21.10

Sometimes I need to sit down and write out some of the details of how I’m doing different parts of life at the moment. For posterity or reference or something like that.

This time I’m typing up the state of my pantry or pantries. There are two I suppose. One on each side of our fridge. And these bad boys are deep!

2018-05-09 15.22.00

There’s a lot of room in the back of these pantries for disappearing into, getting forgotten, expiring and being left for dead. I had to do something.

2018-05-09 15.21.38

The internet is filled with delightful beautiful ideas for pantry organization and honestly I get so swoony looking at lovely organized pantries. But these pantries are much more shallow than ours, perfect for displaying pretty baskets and containers. What I needed was simply a way to organize and make this space more functional it didn’t have to be pretty.

But how do you do this with such deep shelves? Thankfully I found a the perfect idea on the YouTube. Storage bins! Hers are much prettier than mine but I wasn’t concerned about that at this point.

Bins are long “deep” and as high as you need to store and see everything together.

2018-05-09 19.10.24

And wonder of wonders, I didn’t even need to go out and buy anything. I had a lot of plastic totes around the house not being used.

2018-05-09 19.10.57

The drawers from a broken sliding drawer unit came in handy. I’m glad I held on to these! And I no longer needed to stack or stair step my canned goods like a choir on risers.

I love this idea:

2018-05-18 10.56.28

I can just pull this box out and see all the cans at once. Perfect.

2018-05-09 19.10.45

It’s so much tidier and easier to see what you have already or need now. I even applied this idea to my chip storage.

2018-05-18 10.31.03

I always lost chips up here. It’s very high up and again, deep. A box allows me to pull most of my chips out at once and find just what I need!

2018-05-18 10.31.48

Gah. But this side of things….all this is for another day.

2018-07-08 15.24.29

Oh and I got one of these! A magnetic menu for the fridge. Now when each of the babies ask what’s for supper x10 I can just point them to the menu. If they can’t read they’re out of luck I guess!


One Response to “Organizing or Agonizing – Pantry”

  1. Kristi says:

    That’s a huge improvement for you! Every now and then I have to go through my pantry and see how long-ago-expired some items are. It’s embarrassing. You, dear friend, will not have that problem with your wicked long “deep” containers. Good on ya, matey!