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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

Independence Day

July 6th, 2017 by Aubri

2017-07-02 16.53.58

We started our 4th party early. Sunday we got out the sparklers.

2017-07-02 16.55.33

I don’t think we had any Independence Day fun last Summer. We were in the Van cruising to Texas that day.

2017-07-02 16.55.48

2017-07-02 16.58.50

After sparklers Daddy took the show. He wowed the crowd with some loud and pretties, loud and pretty enough for babies at least.

2017-07-02 16.59.12

Too loud and pretty for Martha. She was a party pooper. Josephine couldn’t figure out what the big deal was. But she invented loud noises so….

2017-07-02 16.59.15

2017-07-04 08.28.07

On the 4th we had a Patriotic Breakfast. Well our traditional 4th of July breakfast minus the tradition of the July 4th Fun Run we used to enjoy. Sniff sniff.

2017-07-04 08.28.13

2017-07-04 12.00.31

With lunch we had Freedom Cocktails, Red White and Blue Spritzers.

2017-07-04 12.01.40

2017-07-04 12.06.48

You really have to pour the Blue very slowly so’s you don’t get Purple! They actually worked!


Of course I had to get some shots of Independent Babies. Unfortunately it was nap time and we waiting a little too long for Ephraim to get his underwear on.

2017-07-04 09.56.49

2017-07-04 09.56.35

2017-07-04 09.56.36

2017-07-04 18.06.03

That afternoon Phil left with 5 of the kiddies for a party and supper. I stayed home with the smalls and 2 sickies. Esther and Clara have had fevers on and off. But as consolation I made THE BEST shortcake I’ve ever made. The girls didn’t want strawberry but blueberry shortcake, I obliged and added a few strawberries for myself.

2017-07-04 18.06.14

You have to make this recipe. I used Splenda instead of sugar and regular milk since I didn’t have buttermilk, still came out amazing. Will be my go to Summer ‘shortcake’ recipe from now on. I also made a Blueberry Sauce to drizzle. The girls loved it.

2017-07-04 18.10.34

It’s just too late for the babies to stay up for Fireworks still. But Phil and I watched some. I tell you the truth. We have to have the greatest view for fireworks in the city. We’re on a hill so from our driveway and parking lot we can see all the shows in town. Here’s a taste.

It’s a constant spectacle of color. So fun. I can’t wait till the babies are bigger and we can watch a real firework show together.

Hope y’all had a Happy Independence Day!

One Response to “Independence Day”

  1. grandmere says:

    How fun! It’s nice that they are old enough to enjoy the show! except Martha…