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7 Quick Takes….

March 7th, 2014 by Aubri

I’m cleaning my blog house and linking up with Jen on the 7 QTs. Here are some thoughts that never made it into proper posts.

— 1 —


Well, our morning started off per usual, playing short order cook for breakfast, getting Lily ready for school, changing soppy diapers and then I noticed one of Mercy’s toes did NOT look right. The tip was red and swollen and something was wrapped around it. I’m used to finding hair wrapped around baby digits but I can usually pull them off and then it’s fine, but I couldn’t see any hair this time.

Well, long story short she had a Hair Tourniquet! I had no idea this was something that could even happen, and it can be serious if not dealt with quickly. So Phil played doctor and got hair and maybe string out of her little toe, then we took her to a doctor. He believes we got it, so he didn’t have to cut her.

Anyway, that was something new for us. Now I’ll be especially mindful to remove socks more often and check toes!

— 2 —

I came across this post this week on breast feeding. I thought it was very interesting. Maybe it’s not, maybe it’s just good for making mamas like me feel better…but for someone who was not physically able to breastfeed it set my mind at ease a bit.

After I couldn’t nurse Lily I went through a little period of feeling like less of a mother and with all the reports on the benefits of breast milk I felt bad that I wasn’t able to give my child the “best”. I got over it though. I tried again with Clara, same story. I’ve used formula with all my babies, they’ve been healthy, happy and plump. I sometimes still envy women who can nourish their babies with their own bodies, but I no longer feel the need to apologize for not being able to.

— 3 —

A couple weeks ago I heard an interview on Issues Etc. with Adriene Dorr Heins on Cohabitation.

This is a big issue these days. As a pastor Phil deals with this one often. There’s an interesting point she makes around 8 minutes into this interview about there not being enough Law preaching in our churches. Not many of us are terrified enough by our sin. So many sins are socially acceptable, just the “norm” these days. Even in the church.

— 4 —

Find out – “How Many Kids Should you Have?”

Ok, I’m definitely NOT endorsing this but a friend posted it on Facebook and I had to find out what it would tell me. Here were my results:

Three is your magic number. Four if you count the drink you’ll need in your hand.”


— 5 —

And one more really good interview on Issues Etc. The Victims of the Sexual Revolution with Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. Feminism has messed up more for women than you may even be aware of.

— 6 —


Nothing to say except look at these sweet little brothers watching Winnie the Pooh!


— 7 —


Also, FYI, there’s been a change of address for Clara.

She’s now at number 42….



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3 Responses to “7 Quick Takes….”

  1. Katy says:

    HAHAHA! I don’t think the writers of that quiz have any kids themselves (they doubt I can parent two).

  2. Aubri says:

    Right Katy? And truth be told I doubted my ability to parent 2 or 6 for that matter! :0

  3. Katy says:

    Well, I still do, but here I am. Better get to it…