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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

Daybook: October

October 22nd, 2013 by Aubri


Oh wonderful October! Our warm Fall is finally cooling off and cooler weather always puts a little bounce in my step…well not my step these days, maybe just my spirit. I could gush about the beauty this season brings, but I’ve done that before here and you all know how glorious that is.

It’s difficult to be on the brink of new baby world (3 more weeks!) and wanting to turn up the energy in order to soak up all this delicious Falliness. Being large with child is forcing me to slow down and decide what activities we’ll actually get around to.  One thing is for sure we’ll be heading over to the beautiful Elm tree around the corner and I’ll watch as the babies run around in the leaves. Getting outside as much as I can is definitely in order.


Giving Thanks

1. For FALL!
2. For 50 degrees.
3. For pretty scarves, light sweaters and boots because it’s 50 degrees.
4. For being a couple weeks away from meeting our new baby girl.
5. For the much needed “Help” that arrived yesterday. My Mama and her sister are here to help while we wait for baby and afterward!

Thinking Deeply

I came across this amazing post last week.

“God has brought me through this time and again. It is like He holds up my little statement of faith from my youth and says, “cute.” But He doesn’t want me to sign my name on it.  He wants me to put myself on the altar. Enough with this chit chat. God wants to see action. Take that belief, and live it. Not when you have all the emotional strength to do that, but when you don’t.”

If there’s anything I’m learning right now in this season of my life is that I CAN’T DO IT, but He can.

Turning Pages

I picked up a couple more chapter books at our library to read to the girls. We’re almost finished with Meet Kirsten (American Girl). We liked reading Kirsten’s Surprise last December since she is the character from Sweden who dresses up as St. Lucy so I thought we’d read more of her story. And we’re working our way through Book #1 of the Magic Tree House series.

Here is a list of ideas for other Chapter Books for younger kiddos.

Creating Beauty


It’s NOT much at all but I made this tin can votive for the table….uh and dented it pretty good in the process…oops. Very easy but kind of pretty to light while we eat supper and the evenings begin to grow darker.

Nurturing Hearts

Our hymns for October, the month we remember to honor our pastors and celebrate the Reformation: Thy Strong WordBuilt on the Rock, and of course A Mighty Fortress.

If energy and time permit I will attempt to continue my tradition of sending Gingerbread Cross cookies and this coloring sheet to Sunday School with the big girls on Reformation Sunday which is October 27th this year.

Phil has been instructing Lily and Clara in the Small Catechism. It’s so cute how excited the girls get at bedtime asking Phil if they’re going to “do Catechism” tonight. He’s started with the 10 Commandments and they’re so proud to show me how much of it they’ve learned.

He told me how much they LOVE when he gets to the 5th Commandment, Thou Shall not Kill. He has some pretty creepy conversations with them about murder and we’re a little worried with how much they love talking about going to Jail….

Nurturing Minds

Lily brought home a form this month for reading, 6 books read to her and she’ll get a free little pizza at Pizza Hut. We’ve read 10 easily. This is gonna be a great deal for our family once all the babies are in school!

Nurturing Bodies


It’s so good that most of my littles like their veggies! I saw this pretty pretty Fall snack idea and we made our own.


Nurturing Senses

This very large chalkboard has been living in the furnace room of our basement since for who knows how long. It was here when Phil moved in way back in ’07. I always thought “that will be fun for our babies some day”. This was the day I decided to hand each of them a piece of chalk and let them dusty chalk away to their hearts content. Good fun. And we even did THIS for a while.

Also, some cute Fall coloring pages HERE.


We managed to get out on the lake for some Fall fishing/camp firing!










Nurturing Hands

I’ve started trying to make more of a point in getting help from the babies in the kitchen. They all help set the table, empty the dishwasher and then the big girls have “After Supper Jobs” clearing and wiping the table and sweeping the floor. It’s a battle of the wills with at least one of the girls each time, but I know it’s worth it and I LOVE THE HELP when it eventually gets done!


Tending the Earth

Our garden is done producing. It’s been a much later season for everything than we’ve been used to. It’s strange to still be eating Watermelon in October but I’m not complaining!



Capturing Time




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