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Toddlers and Chores

August 15th, 2011 by Aubri

I’ve been trying to make sure I give the girls something to do while I’m cleaning. That something to do being some cleaning of their own. Here are some of the “toddler friendly chores” I have come across that I’ve already began teaching them or will soon.

Helping to Keep the House Clean:

Swiffer the floor (leaving off the top handle to make it toddler size), sort laundry into piles (socks, shirts, etc), sort groceries to put away, dusting, mopping, putting away shoes and dirty clothes in hamper, using a spray bottle of vinegar to clean windows and coffee table, picking up their toys.

Helping In the Kitchen:

I’m not as quick to let them help me in the kitchen, but as they get a bit older I want to incorporate their “help” a little more. Here are some things I think they will be able to handle.

Greasing a baking sheet, stirring batter, spreading mayonnaise or mustard on a sandwich with a plastic knife, sprinkling cheese on top of pasta or tacos, shredding lettuce, setting AND clearing the table.

It’s never too early to start giving your babies household responsibilities!

This little guy will be quite the catch someday!

One Response to “Toddlers and Chores”

  1. Kristi says:

    The kitchen is a GREAT place for recruiting the help of little hands. I love that my daughter now comes running when it’s time to do tomatoes or peaches or whatever canning lies before us.