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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

At The Parsonage – Advent

December 23rd, 2018 by Aubri

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Advent seems to have come and gone too quickly. I knew it would fly past us being as busy as I expected we would be. The weeks were packed with recitals, programs, Vesper services, parties, outings and church year observances. Then the planning of activities, shopping lists, meals and washing dishes seemed to fill up all of what was left of my time. Every year I excitedly wait for Advent. I always want it to be the season I believe it should be used for; preparing and quietly reflecting. But it seems every year this month gets busier and I’m tripping over all the preparations and having far too little time for reflection.

I loved the words I came across last week from Ginny Sheller’s Aunt Genie:

“I know you’re tired, sweet girl. Young motherhood is so magical but so exhausting that you have to keep shaking yourself awake so you won’t miss it.”

These years of mothering many young people are mostly exhausting, chaotic, busy, messy, noisy and exhuasting did I already say that one? It is constantly trying to remember to shake yourself awake so you don’t miss those moments that will be the ones you love to remember so many years from now. Each year has a wonder all its own, no year is exactly the same while raising little ones. They change and life changes so much, so frequently and so quickly during this season of life. I’m sure that is how it will be for many many years to come. So I try. Try to find something and some time to enjoy it.

We began our evening Advent services early this year, in November. We had two Sundays in a row of treacherous snows and icey weather. We didn’t light the candles on our Advent wreath as many times as I had wanted to but we sang and sang many of our favorite Advent hymns this year. With older babies singing together at least is becoming more of a joy, most of the time.

And each year I’m seeing how nice it is to have some established traditions and to have already worked out the ways we will observe holy days. I can now use the same plans each year with minimal tweaking. I had hoped this would be the case when I began observing days on the church calendar so many years ago. Laying down the habit and figuring out what I wanted to emphasize as we went through them is paying off. I don’t have to think so much about it now, just put the plans in action. I can simply add or take away what I don’t want or can’t handle that year.

This Advent my energy came and went. This final week of the season it has “went” more than came. I’m struggling to get through and know with Christmas just beginning I have a bit further to go yet. It gets hard for everyone toward the end of this season doesn’t it? I rely more and more on my babies to help me and they usually comply…some of them without too much strong arming. We will get through it and create some lovely memories along the way.

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