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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

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At The Parsonage

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

2018-01-13 10.42.29

Couldn’t you just make paper snowflakes all day? If so here are some patterns you might like. I know I did.

January is half way over now. I like using this month to squeeze out the last bit of Wintery/Christmasy crafts and fun that I can. It eases me into the coming season of Spring. It’s a calmer month with more opportunities to focus on the cozy indoors and the beauties of what lays outdoors. I’m always reminded of that sweet little book I read to Lily and Clara when they were wee, Warm in Winter:

“And what could be warmer than a sunny summer’s day?”
“Winter,” said Rabbit. “I like it better when it’s warm in winter.”
“Ha!” Badger laughed. “How can it ever be warm in winter?”
“Wait and see.” said Rabbit.
Badger watched Rabbit set up the checkerboard. She took a sip of the soup Rabbit had made for her. She snuggled deep in the nightie Rabbit had given her. Then she looked out the window at the falling snow.
“You know Rabbit,” said Badger, “being here with you makes me feel…” Badger stopped.
“Feel what?” said Rabbit.
Badger smiled. “Warm,” she said. “Warm in winter.”
Warm In Winter by Erica Silverman

That Rabbit. He had hygge pegged before it became a Pinterest sensation. The only thing we’re missing from our personal Warm in Winter is a fireplace. If anyone has one they’d like to give us I’ll gleefully accept it.


Snow Fun

Monday, January 15th, 2018

2018-01-08 13.16.29

So far this Winter has not been the play out in the snow kind of Winter. If there has been a decent amount of snow it’s been brutally cold outside or windy or both. We have had only a few days of outside time, so last weekend whent the temps soared into the 40s I ordered the babies outside as quickly as they could go to enjoy the snow and the warmth while it lasted!


At The Parsonage – Preparing for Christmas Part II

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

2017-12-22 09.59.03

The snow moved in Thursday night. Just a little bit with more this morning. Along with it has come sickness. Another cold for me, Phil in bed with something, Martha has another cold and Esther came home from school yesterday with a fever and stomach bug.

I’m praying the other babies stay well but really it could just be a sicky Christmas for us.


At The Parsonage – Preparing for Christmas Part I

Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

2017-12-08 14.02.38

I love our tradition of receiving a tree from a family in our former parish who own a tree farm. Our first couple years of marriage Phil would sneak out to a ditch off the road and cut one down while I stood watch. Fun times. We were rescued from the adventurous Bonny and Clyde life by this kind man who has gifted us with a tree since then.