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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

>Omaha or bust.

August 13th, 2009 by Aubri


Phil and I took a little “vacation” to Omaha this weekend…without our babies. I thought it would be so refreshing to be able to get a whole night of sleep again, but Clara actually began to sleep through the night right before we left! But it was nice to get away, have other people clean and cook for me and have some time to read a book for more than 15 minutes. For our first night we stayed downtown in a fancy shmancy hotel called Magnolia. Tres moderne et chic!

Since I’ve begun keeping a house I’ve become a big fan of hotels and I’m very easily impressed. I wanted to cry last year when we had to leave the Holiday Inn Express we stayed in for a conference we went to, and it was only because they had cable and a coffee maker, so the Magnolia was the cats pajamas of hotels!

Here’s their website for more information:

A marble bathroom!

With the bigest guest shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever seen.

State of the art workout room with flat screen tvs ON the tredmills and sauna (that’s pronounced “sowna” if your Kristina).

Valet parking! (Phil was not the valet as this picture and caption might suggest.) Oh and I forgot to mention their complimentory glass of wine during happy hour and milk and cookies before bedtime. Zing!

Our second night we stayed in a “lodge” hotel. I have to say it was a bit more comfortable and more what we’re used to. While the “Mag” was hip and very nice, I was ready for some where I could finally let my belly hang out.

It had a cute little kitchen with Folgers coffee.

AND Bath and Body Works lotions and washes! Coconut Lime Verbena scented! Mmmm. What a luxurious vacation we had! It took me a day to unwind but then it was about time to come home, but I’m very glad we got to do it. I sure missed my babies!

Phil’s parents came up to watch the girls for us. Lily was a little wary of Grampy at first, but they quickly became best buds.

Your an instant best friend if you take her outside!

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