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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

Esther’s BoxCar Children Party

October 5th, 2018 by Aubri

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Esther asked for a Boxcar Children birthday party this year. And while I was worried this one would be too hard it was really fun to plan. I like to take on the creative challenges the babies give me when they ask for certain themes. The only one I’ve ever backed down from was Peter and the Wolf, which I had wanted to do for Ephraim’s 2nd birthday. Maybe another year though.

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I was excited to find an image to print of the four orphaned Alden children. I had hoped to find a printable boxcar to just cut out but didn’t want to pay for what I was finding. So, some red cardstock later I had the best boxcar you’ll ever see!

2018-09-14 17.01.30

There were several sources online for ideas with food and really if you read or in our case listen to the books there actually a lot of eating going on in these stories! So much so there’s an entire cookbook based on the books, which I did get for Esther.

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Yes it was a hot day but I just had to make stew like the children did with small tossed out vegetables and small pieces of meat. It’s funny how much these books read exactly like children like to pretend when they play. They truly like trying to “live on their own” in their play, cooking and making home just as they would if they were orphaned and living alone in a forest.

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For the day’s entertainment I came up with a little game. Search the Dump. In the first book the children go out to find a dump hoping to discover in it some much needed dishes to use in their new home. I had Lily hide some things around the yard, our “dump.” Then they all ran around to find them.

2018-09-14 17.58.47

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In the books most of what they find is broken. I really didn’t want to break dishes even the ones I got from Goodwill and have them run around with them, but it was fun anyway.

2018-09-14 18.00.27

2018-09-14 18.02.17

2018-09-14 18.02.23

Goodwill did not have one single pink teacup for me to use as “Benny’s beloved pink cup” so I just found a white one and painted it.

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2018-09-14 18.07.09

2018-09-14 18.37.41

For an extra treat after the party I surprised the babies with the new animated version of the second Boxcar children book, Surprise Island. We listened to this one on our vacation this Summer so I was thrilled to find the movie!

What a fun party Esther!

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