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"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

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Friday, September 5th, 2014


I understand the term “Pro-Life” to mean more than just being against abortion. For me that part is easy. But being truly “pro-life” isn’t always easy or true of any of us. For some being pro-life can require great heroism or great sacrifice. Or it can be as simple (or hard) as constantly wiping noses or wiping rears or cooking 3 meals a day for little mouths.

I think we need to be reminded that even Christians can contribute to the “Culture of Death” we live in by our deeds and careless words to others. Comments of disappointment over another baby boy instead of a girl, a look of “you must be crazy” to one announcing another pregnancy, rude looks to parents in a noisy pew at church. If we truly love and value Life as we like to say we do, this sort of talk and behavior really undermines those beliefs. Let us be mindful of that.

Anyway, sometimes I come across a good Pro-Life post or article that should be shared. So here you go, here’s to spreading the message that “all Life is good,” one Link at a time.

Remember: Add 9 Months “Remember: When you’re going to speak about children’s lives, add 9 months. We’ve been taught by our culture to only talk about post-birth children as persons. But they have been a person – fully human – for (usually) 9 months prior.”

Why Children Are Awesome “My kids take my time, they steal my showers, they wreck my prized possessions, they wake me in the middle of the night, they just need need need.  It is in my nature to just choose me, but here I can’t. They make me be just a wee bit less selfish every single day.”

One. Twice.  “In so many ways, this last year was the most challenging in my life. The first three months stretched me beyond what I thought was possible. It was just so. hard. The boys screamed constantly- every minute they were awake. It was so, so hard. I don’t really want to forget just how hard, because that’s part of the story too. If there is one thing they do without fail, every single day, with every single breath they take, it’s that they point to the marvel of their Creator, and they help me to see that we never know what’s right around the bend. God’s plans are always, always, always better than our own. And these little boys? They prove it every single day.”