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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

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What His Discerning Love Hath Sent

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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I’ve haven’t written about losing two more of our children. I did post on the days we lost them, HERE and HERE, because I wanted to mark those days but my heart was too heavy for words. And really what do you say when you know the life you’re carrying has passed away? I was about 5 weeks along with our 10th baby and then also with our 11th.

I don’t have many words, but I will share what I wrote about their names, why we named them as we did.


Not To My Care – July 14th

Friday, July 14th, 2017

2017-07-14 11.25.47

Lord, it belongs not to my care
Whether I die or live;
To love and serve Thee is my share,
And this Thy grace must give.


Book of Ages

Friday, August 5th, 2016


With all the anguish of naming our sixth daughter I got to thinking a lot about names over the past few months. For me naming a baby is no easy task. Phil says it’s because I have to have the PERFECT one, as if there is such a thing. I don’t look for the perfect name, just the one I perfectly want. I want to like the name I give my child! But I guess that’s a tall order at this point because I really did begin to fear that Josephine would be nameless for the rest of her life.

A while back I read Book of Ages about the life of Jane Franklin, the sister of Benjamin Franklin. They wrote many letters to one another but none of hers survive. What did survive was her handmade “Book of Ages,” where she recorded the births of her 12 children. I liked that idea and thought I’d create my own but including more, the stories of the names we have chosen for our children.

So, for my babies. These are the stories of your names.


Josephine Gloria Hale

Friday, May 27th, 2016


Born 11:14am


7 pounds 5 ounces

20 inches