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A Bundle of Myrrh

"My beloved is unto me as a bundle of myrrh." Song of Solomon 1:13

Links For Life

March 25th, 2015 by Aubri


Spreading the message that “all Life is good,” one Link at a time.

On Miscarriage and Mordor – “It doesn’t mean that we cannot hope and pray for children to fill our lives.  But we need to remember that a child is not a thing to collect and covet; it is a person of it’s own infinite worth and dignity.  It is something we should desire for it’s own good and it’s own worth – not the good it might do to us or the worth we assign it.  It is not something we should let rule our thoughts or our lives, because no good will ever come from dwelling indefinitely on what could be and never stepping into the light of what is.”

Bach The Rabbit – “It is often said of parents of former times that they only had large families because they were seeking help to till the fields or because infant mortality was high and contraception unavailable. Supposedly they were selfish and only had children for utilitarian reasons or were uncontrollable rabbits. While today’s enlightened parents have fewer children but want them for the right reasons.”

We Said Yes Too – “Because we said yes, too. We said “yes” on our wedding day when asked if we would accept children lovingly as gifts from the Lord. We said “yes” with every marital embrace, hoping we would be pregnant this time. We said “Yes, I should have expected it by now”, when our twelfth test in a row broke our hearts with one line instead of two.”

And this Formula Commercial somehow. Really just because it made me laugh a little, then kind of roll my eyes a little, but it makes a good point right?

What It’s Like – Dressing For Church

March 22nd, 2015 by Aubri


What I wear to church.

(Who put that dirty mirror in my house?!)


What I need to wear to church.

Anyone else feel like you’re going to the gym instead of sitting in a pew?! Seriously, THIS again! Maybe it’s just being 36 weeks pregs, but there’s a lot of sweating, heavy breathing and exhaustion involved. And that’s just when I try to stand up!



Sermon on Islam and America

March 20th, 2015 by Aubri

Sermon on Islam and America

Preached March 15, 2015 for Lent 4B

The Islamic government known as ISIS beheaded 21 Christians recently.  They have killed over 200 people, including Americans.  This shocks us because it seems like we are past violence and inflexible convictions.  We have been sold the lie that we can all just get along—that peace is our right.  But truth and error cannot coexist.

Our problem is that we do not see anything worth fighting or dying for.  We do not understand truth, the way these Muslims do.  They are willing to die for their false religion.  But we who have the true religion can barely be inconvenienced to come to church or give a few percent of our income.  Do we see any truth as worth dying for?  Our nation is completely secularized.  Uncompromising religion is hard for us to comprehend.

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St. Patrick’s Day – At The Parsonage

March 19th, 2015 by Aubri







For the Commemoration of St. Patrick:

Morning Rainbow Snack for Ephraim
After school party – Coloring pages and an easy Trinity Craft, popcorn and green candy
Supper – Irish Skillet without cabbage (not pretty but the babies had 3rds?! What?) and Soda Bread
Dessert- Shamrock Cake

We all know about St. Patrick, as much as there is to know. But reading the entry on him today in Treasury of Daily Prayer one line stood out.

“He strongly defended the doctrine of the Holy Trinity when it was not popular to do so.”

This made me consider how unpopular many (all) of the doctrines of the Church are becoming and how hard it is getting to stand and defend them in our day. Patrick faced a hate from those who would seek to kill him. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we face hate don’t we? I know our pastors do.

We ask God for boldness, clarity and strength. We pray for our pastors who weekly stand in their pulpits and preach a despised message for sinners. And we pray for the Church’s missionaries who leave home to take God’s Word to unfamiliar places.